Praise for Atheism Kills

"Atheism Kills is a robust, relentlessly interesting, and intellectually invigorating read. But it is also – and perhaps most of all – a cri de couer, an impassioned cry from the heart. Lurie is worried about civilization, and cares deeply about human suffering. Those are the reasons, I suspect, that he devoted so much time and effort to writing this book. And every one of us who reads it is the beneficiary of his noble and massive effort." - DENNIS PRAGER

Barak Lurie is a terrific thinker, and
his new book is an indispensable guide
to why religion is a vital foundation to
the West. Read this book!” - BEN SHAPIRO

Whether you are an atheist or a believer, you will come away after reading Atheism Kills with one clear realization: A world without God has devastating consequences. Like a hurricane, atheism builds nothing and knows only how to destroy everything in its path.” - RABBI DAVID BARON, Temple of the Arts

Atheism Kills is a clarion call to action against our greatest threat to western civilization: godlessness. In this ground-breaking work, Lurie reveals that so many of our problems—the demise of our cultural norms, the rise of unrestricted sexuality and depression, the destruction of family and even our freedom—all are the product of a world that is abandoning God.” - CHARLIE KIRK, founder of Turning Point USA